Back in the dating game, is this normal?

I'm out of a long term relationship for about 4 months now. He shattered My heart into pieces but I've finally accepted I need to move on even though I still love and care for my ex boyfriend. I've been on two dates with this guy (going on my third date today) but he is really sexually forward? We haven't had sex but he has tried and I feel he might try again today. I'm not looking for a relationship tbh but not sure if I'm comfortable having sex with someone this soon? He's asked me to a ball next week and I'm afraid in case I reject him again it will make things awkward next week. I'm attracted to him but not sure if I'm sexually attracted to him yet or maybe its because I'm still not over my ex. What should I do? Me and the guy I'm dating are both in our twenties, I'm not sure if its just sex he wants or is it normal for guys to be this forward so soon?


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  • If this guy can't accept you not being ready right now then that's his problem, not yours. Whatever you do, don't give in if you're not comfortable.

    • How can I say this to him? He called me a tease, I literally didn't initiate anything haha

    • I think you just continue on rejecting his approaches the same way you have been doing up until now but if he comes off too strong, tell him directly.

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  • there's a possibility you're sending mixed signals because in your head/heart you're still not sure about what you want out of this guy, if you want a rebound, if you just want to feel 'desired' by someone again, or if it's for something long term. I see how this could be confusing for a guy, even if his intentions were genuine. maybe you should just stop dating for a little bit more until you're 100% sure you're over your ex boyfriend, also to make sure you'd be eventually ready just for casual sex

    • I want to start dating because it is helping me move on from my ex that wants nothing to Do with me. Its just I'm moving country in a few months so I don't want anything serious because I know ikk obky get my heartbroken again if I end up really liking this guy. I'm just afraid having sex with him will make me want him

    • yes, having sex with him might make you feel more attached, and if you don't want anything serious right now, I'd advice against it. plus, if you're moving in a few months, just use this short time to focus on yourself a bit more, knowing you're about to completely change life very soon. dating other people just to forget someone else is a truly bad idea