Do you ever still think about that one person that meant something to you?

For me, I met a guy and instantly I felt something. For that whole month, it felt like we were falling in love. It sounds crazy and I would have never believed it, I never expected that sh*t to happen to me but man, almost a year later and I still can't shake that feeling off. I still think about him.


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  • When I was engage to a guy who is now my ex husband, I met an amazing guy. From the moment we first met we couldnt stop smiling at each other - major sparks flying. He asked one of my guy friends if I was single as he wanted to ask me out. So he found out I wasn't. He and I talked about it a little. Tbh, he made me question if I was doing the right thing getting married. And yeah now 10 years on I still think about him - how he made me smile and my heart just pound with excitement when I saw him. And how he had the same big smile on his face when he saw me.


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  • Sometimes i do, she was a great girl and an amazing friend back then i loved her immensely. Sadly things where not going to happen because of our differences and some bad luck. These days we barely even talk anymore.


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  • I do still think about people who meant something to me now and then. But it's not something that's CONSTANTLY on my mind.

    • Pretty much the same for me, you occationally go like yeah they where great back then what amazing moments we had and then just move on with the day.