How do I find dates when I have no life outside of work?

I'm shy. All I do is work and come home really. I think a few girls at my job are crushing on me but I'm too shy to approach. And I feel like if things go badly they'll bad mouth me to the whole office.

Other than work I have no life or friends so no opportunities to meet women. I've tried online dating/craigslist and I don't get responses. And I'm too shy to really spam girls inboxes. Takes me a lot of courage just to message one or two and they don't even respond.

How do I meet girls in real life and get dates? Without having a wingman or friends really? I'm 21 but most people think I'm late 20s cuz I'm mature.


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  • Then use that maturity to your advantage. Try online again. Use your words. Find common interests. You might go through hundreds, even thousands of girls (messagewise) but you will find one who is worth your time. Someone you click with. Then slowly begin to get to know eachother better. Best not to rush matters of the heart.


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  • i meet chicks on the train in my daily commute.