I like younger guys. What to do?

In two months I will be 17 years old. My problem is that I like younger guys around 15 years. I can't really date older boys because they say I look like 13 years and I am too small. Younger ones appreciate me much more and also they are closer to my height. Once I started dating one of my classmates and he said why I don't grow and that I am too small, also his mom doesn't like me so much. I also feel much younger than I really I am.


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  • That's a problem that you need to get help with. You shouldn't feel much younger than you are. Also you shouldn't feel that your mom doesn't like you.

    • Its his mom. She said that.

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    • Oh well then your question doesn't make much sense. Lol then maybe I'm not understanding. Your issue. So your small I guess. Ok people are small sometimes. I don't know how small you are but I'm sure your fine.

    • Maybe I explained it bad but I like younger because I am too insulted by older ones, because they want equal looking girls. I also get bullied often because of my young appearance they think I am powerless in class.. They hit me very often. But I know boy who is younger than me accepts me and is nice. I am not saying I like only younger guys I also like older, but because my younger appearance I am more comfortable with younger ones.

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  • It's a delicate topic - especially when you're a teenager. I'd find it weird unless you're both in your 20's...
    Best to make sure his mom does know how you feel and that you're not taking any kind of advantage.