Does he really want nothing in return?

A co-worker of my step fathers who is quite wealthy has asked me out many times and I always said no. He is 23 years older than me which I guess turned me off. I like older men just not that much older and I explained that to him. He finally said he accepted that but he is sending me gifts? It makes me uncomfortable and I've told him to take them back but he refuses to. He sends me flowers, my favourite foods, fancy wine and he even sent me a $250 gift card for Victoria's Secret and my favourite local gym wear store which I'm assuming he found out my favourite things off of my social media or step father.
When I asked him why he is doing all of it he said he wants to take care of me and he doesn't want anything in return just to know I'm happy and that I have everything a woman should have.
Does he really want nothing in return? And is this something men actually do?


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  • No obviously he like you and is really trying to buy you with gifts. And men probably do it if they were all wealthy and trying to get with a hard to get girl.

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