Guys, If the girl your dating asks you this question how would you react?

Hi guys, I'm worried I've blown it. I've been dating a guy for nearly 2 months, met off a dating site. We now have sex. My girlfriend has just joined the dating site I was using and my guy was logged on checking his messages. He hadn't seemed to be on it anymore, so I thought. I asked him yesterday if he's looking again as I'd seen him on it. Obviously I got confronted with the ' well you must be on it to see me on it etc. Don't you trust me?' I told him yes I do I came across it by accident and just wanted to know if he was still looking as we are doing couple things now. We spoke and he said he just gets intrigued to read the messages women send him occasionally but he's not looking.
My question is do you think it's fair I've asked him directly? I just wanted to know the truth and that I'm the only one he's seeing and sleeping with. I'm scared he's going to think I'm clingy now and spying on him. He doesn't text me all the time so I'm leaving the next text for him to send so I know he's still bothered and I don't want to chase to get hurt.


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  • Yes it's a fair question but also I suspect his answer is true too.

    • Thank you I don't know why but I worry he will think he's met someone who's watching his every move now and I'm not. I am really easy going but just like to know we are exclusive and it worried me seeing him logged on. Thank you for your reply glad to know you wouldn't have taken it the wrong way