Should I go out with her?

there's a girl I like, we've been on a date kinda (was meant to be just friends but we ended up under a tree in the rain hugging and almost kissing) but I've been warned by her exs (of which there are LOADS) that she is clingy and pocessive. She seems really nice but her last ex said that she is really nice but she changes when she's in a relationship. Should I only be her friend or should I go for it even though I've been warned that it always ends badly?

And every ex has said they should have taken the warning


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  • You should find out for yourself. They may be exaggerated accounts from exes so go for it.

    • And every ex has said they should've listened

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    • Good lad. Drinking is fine but always stay in control and don't over do it. If u don't go out drinking then great, nothing to worry her over.

    • Yeh or unlike them I'll take her with me, they didn't invite her and a few cheated on her which is why she's like this :/

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