Been in a long distance relationship for almost two years and it's getting tough, advice?

So me and my boyfriend started May 2014 and it's been great the entire time. Right when we started dating, he had to move a few hours away back to his hometown with his family. Everyone thought it wasn't going to last, but we have made it this far! We talked everyday, plan visits to see each other at least once a month, but sometimes more, I'm friends with his friends up there and he's friends with mine down here. Everything is great, and this summer I am planning on transferring to a great college in his town because he asked me to live with him and I need to finish school. However, these past few months I've been getting depressed due to family issues and he has pulled back a little which honestly could be because of his job. To add onto the depression, I was hurt bad by my last relationship around this same time because my ex slept with almost every female coworker when he started a new job I helped him get. I do have trust issues because of that, like bad trust issues, and I can tell that he is getting fed up with it. I don't want advice has to why he is pulling back, but how I can make it these last six months just as good for us and not let my past interfere with the now.


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  • Think about what you say, catch yourself before you say it. When a woman gets insecure that pushes the guy away, unfortunatley this drives the insecurity further causing you to become more insecure resulting in an ineviable self fullfilling prophecy. The only way to fix it is fix yourself. Think about everything you say question yourself and reflect on your self and your thoughts, realize that its fear that drives you and by extention realiz that your choosing it to drive you so when you instincively want to say accuse him of something realize that is your fear talking no reality and simply push it aside. Essentially think don't feel, until you can find away to balance the two.


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