Help me with the mind games, I'm playing with the man who stole my heart?

Kind of lengthy but i really need help!

Alright, I met this guy after a break up! I wasn't ready for a relationship. So we only talked. Then I moved away and we still talked. He told me he wanted to establish something, and how he feels about me. Well the first time i went up there to try to establish something, it was all wrong! i left the same day i got up there and he didn't text me or talk to me. He snapchatted me that next weekend saying only with you to get my dickwet.. So i dropped. I was done. Then he starts messaging within the next 2 months apologzing for everything, admitting he treated me bad. I forgave him. He kinda talked not a lot. Then I decided on new years that i just wanted to be friends because i dont wanna play games.. Well he was alright with it BUT he messages me and said I miss you, and I didn't believe him at all.. So i said nah you dont have to lie to me.. that made him mad so we talked about it and then we had a convo about him wanting me to be up there more and etc.. WHAT I DONT GET IS I finally went to get see him, It was right this time. I met some of his friends, and they actually talked to me and then they left we had our own time and i left in the morning... but now he won't fucking text me back or anything.. I have tried letting him go.. every time he comes back! He knows how i feel, and i feel like im a piece of shit hanging on a string... What would you do! HELP ME, im tried of beating myself up over it...

Title should say " tired of playing games with the man who stole my heart"


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  • Why do you want to play mind games with him? That's just confusing and it'll push him away

    • I'm not, its supposed to say " tired of playing games with the man who stole my heart"... he's been playing games with me