How come us humans don't have a mating Dance that involves fights between males in order to win over the female? such as Male Lions?

Because this is how it is among Lions, "In the animal kingdom, when a male lion comes of age he begins to make his move to acquire a female lion to breed with. If he’s unsuccessful with one group of females, he goes to another area and meets some more. Unlike us human males, a lion has to fight and sometimes kill another lion to take over the pack and territory so he can then breed with the female (s).

As a human man, you simply have to walk over and talk to women and if you’re able to get her attracted by displaying confidence, social intelligence and masculinity, then she is not only going to be interested in having sex with you, but she’ll most-likely want to be your girlfriend or wife. After you’ve had sex, she’ll fall in love with you (if you’re a confident guy and make her feel how she wants to feel emotionally), regardless of whether you were a virgin before her or not."

Why aren't us humans like that? there are times i wish it was like that among us humans, i guess mainly because there are times i feel like getting into a fight to release my anger, rage, frustration whenever life, reality gets cruel, tough, unfair, and since i got bullied a lot, made fun of a lot in my childhood, i have a lot of deep bitterness and resentment, rage, frustration inside of me built up over the years.

There are times I hate, despise, loathe reality, the way the world works so much I don't feel like doing anything productive or talking to anyone, socializing with anyone, why? Because the world won't change
There are times I don't want to live anymore because I feel like is too damn cruel and unfair
I hate the way life, reality is often times


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  • I know how you feel about frustration. Try to release it in other ways like do something you really enjoy.


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    When a lion defeats another, he takes over his pride. As the new master, he kills all the cubs of the previous lion and the females can do nothing to stop him. Then he impregnates his new sex-objects with his own kind. They can't refuse him sex... it's rape... and when it's time to eat, he sends his newfound slaves to hunt for him. Once they bring him the kill, he eats his lion's share and gives his subordinates the leftovers.

    Humans have also ALWAYS been male dominated. But in a civilized fashion called marriage, where a girl's father gives her off to a suitable male. However, in many places, marriage has not been carried out by arrangement but instead abduction.

    • Women have always been raped and taken as sex slaves by men and winners in war.

      Woman is a slave organism... it's just NOW in the past century that they have been wrongly liberated in the man's world

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    • "Wrongly" liberated?

    • Oh yeah absolutely... women are nothing but a disease for society

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  • That isn't how it's always been, it used to be arranged marriages at the hands of the woman's parents, or marriage after years of rather sophisticated courtship. And of course there's always been marriage and mating by conquest, much like lions, the method you described is rather new in comparison to humanity's entire existence.

  • Because our communication have evolved much more than 'mating dance'.