Nice guys do finish last?

Its true, nice guys enter the dating competition too late. Im sorry for not being born a jerk and for being a shy awkward guy, but none of this was intentional. It's the way I've always been and unfortunately, women hate these traits in a guy. :( Will i have to force myself change? probably

Im still working on getting my first date and first girlfriend, but Im beginning to think it just isn't going to work because I have no past experiences while most of my friends already are married. how many people (especially nice guys) think this is true?


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  • You are not alone. There are plenty of guys in a similar age range dealing with the same thing. As a guy especially you have plenty of time. At least you don't have the whole childbirth thing hanging over your head. Don't give up hope.

    • thanks :) I think its made me depressed because one of my friends told me the other day "bro, you still never had a girlfriend yet? what's wrong with you? ha" and I dont think he was joking either. I am a very nice guy and need to learn to be assertive because Im even afraid of accidentlly hurting a girl's feelings.

      I agree with the child birth biological clock thing guys do have more time

    • Good luck out there.

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  • I hope it ain't true because then I'd be fuuuuuuucked. I'm sure if you fake this shit like you've been doing it since birth then it might work out. We base our perceptions on what we see on the surface of other people. Control your surface expression and you control people's perceptions.

    • True, i gotta "fake it to make it" but can only fake it for so long until a girl sees my real personality. Im not good at that at all. is it even possible to change my personality permanently?

    • Why change your personality? You don't have to change anything. You just have to be the most confident version of yourself.

      The limiting belief here is that you're not attractive because you have no experience. But you just have to believe that none of that matters. Once you meet a girl, she's gonna be so enamoured with your genuine personality that the fact that you have no experience would never factor into anything.

      Just be the most confident, genuine version of yourself.

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  • Nice people only finish last if they are pushovers and don't set boundaries. I consider myself as " nice", but I don't allow anyone to take advantage of me. I have my limits and I set standards for myself.

    Most women want a nice guy who is assertive , and someone who won't allow other people to walk all over them.

    If you want different results in your life then you either have to do something different to what you usually do or change how you respond to It. Life does get better by chance it gets better by change. So look for different approaches to dating.

    • I see but can i change my personality? Im not assertive at all and too nice. I gotta fix this or else girls will be turned off by me personality quick.

    • You can change, you just need to motivate yourself. I didn't used to assertive, but I challenged myself. So now I'm more assertive. You you can teach yourself to become whatever you want to. You don't need to change who you are just change how you respond. For e. g if someone finds it difficult to say no to others they can learn to be firm and say no instead of yes.

      Usually nice people consider other people's feelings far too much. They put other people above themselves. Sometimes you have to learn to care less and be a little selfish

    • Be**

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