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Okay, so I when I moved to a town when I was younger, and I met a guy, and then we were only 9, and just friends. He was in my class for school, and we got closer as we got older.
I always secretly had a crush on him, and I just hoped those feelings would go away as we got older. They didn't. From the time we were 9-16, we have slow danced, he was my first kiss, and I have cried on him and vice Versa. He also is very flirtatious with me, and I flirt back with him.
What I don't get is that he started dating someone a few months ago, and it toke me until then to make me realize I'm in love with him and I have been since we were 13/14.
I want to respect him and his relationship since we are still close, but it really does bother me when I see them together and I wish it was him and I.

I forgot to add that him and this girl have dated before and she destroyed him, and I had to help him become himself again in a way, and now that he's back to how he used to be, they started dating again.


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  • Awwww, thats so sweet, oh so you had your first love when you were 13/14, cool me too!!! People think that you fall in love at that age, that you're not mature enough and blahblahblah. Well anyways, I don't know at first I thought that maybe you could tell him that you loved him, but its not that simple, like this needs to be thought through. He cried on you too? awww thats so cute. How long has he and his girlfriend been dating? Well like if you really can't get over him, if I were you I'd just tell him my feelings, it might change sthings in your relationship for good or bad but at least youd feel like a big bolder was lifted off you. You might cry, its natural to cry, dont hesitate. In the end just dont regret your decision. :)

  • You do have to respect his relationship because if he did want to be your boyfriend he would've asked you already, or maybe this girl was something new and something he wanted to try out. Not all relationships last a long time, but don't torture yourself with him and his girlfriend.

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