If a guy goes quiet?

So me and thus guy have known each other for about 4 months and we talk quite regularly on Facebook and see each other (at work) every week. We flirt quite a lot when we talk and we have even started to arrange seeing each other outside of work. We didn't see each other over the holidays but we kept in touch over FB. Whilst talking over the holidays we talked about getting some food together in the new year so we agreed but didn't arrange a time or date. so the first week of the New year I had to see him at work. Whilst he was at his desk his boss (Who he doesn't get on with) was sat with him. So I sat down and waited for them to finish and she would get up but she didn't. So whilst me and him sat there talking she was sat in with us. At one point while she was writing something down he looked at me and rolled his eyes about her so I smiled at him. As his manager kept asking questions about me he tried to steer the conversation away from me and tried to get me away from her. He even argued with her slightly to protect me. So we arranged to see each other the next week. As I know he didn't like her and know she stresses him out I sent him a message the next morning to see if he was okay. He seen it but hasn't responded. He's gone sort of quiet since. I don't know if it's something I've done or whether he;s just stressed about her but he's not said anything to me and has not been on Facebook much since. Should I message him again or should I leave him be? I see him in two days!


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  • It's the same for me, I like this girl very much but one day she said the wrong thing just a little wrong move and it's all over.
    I don't think I like her anymore but we're still friends.
    You can either wait or text him back.
    If he likes you he'll text you back, if it's more than a week then he's forgotten you.
    God bless.


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