How long would you "chase" someone until you give up?

There is this guy that I've kind of been seeing. We've been talking for a little over two months now and we've seen each other 3 times due to our opposite schedules and I went on vacation for a month in another state. If I text him he'll gladly talk to me but he never initiates the conversations. He says he just hates texting but at the same time I also feel that by now if he was truly interested in me he'd put in more effort to see me instead of blowing off our plans last minute 80% of the time. I just can't help but feel like I'm wasting my time because if he liked me, he would have come out and said it by now, right?


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  • Nope. Some guys keep their mouths shut about their feelings -- because of society's expectations, because they don't want to get hurt, because they don't even KNOW how they really feel since they hadn't thought much about it, or other reasons.

    Do you guys talk on the phone at all? I'm not sure why, but it seems some women prefer texting/IM and avoid talking on the phone unless absolutely necessary.

    If you want advice, I'd recommend telling him how you feel when you guys hang out next. Best to do this in person, second best over a phone call -- not via text/IM.

    • We've talked on the phone once but he doesn't like to talk on the phone or text so I'm stuck haha. If I call he won't answer or call back so I don't know. And who knows the next time we'll hangout but I think I'll just be honest and say how I feel and if he doesn't want a relationship then I'll only contact him to schedule hook ups and try to get over my feelings I guess

  • Until i think there's no chance


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