Is it possible that a guy still flirts with other girls, but only really likes one other girl?

Is it possible that a guy texts, flirts and likes other girls pictures. But actually really really likes another girl? And why would he do that? Flirting and textinf with other girls still?

Anybody thinks?


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  • Yes it is entirely possible he is only interested in one girl. The flirting with other girls could be a way for him to act like he's not head over heels for the one girl.

    But it could also be a way for him to see if any women are interested in him. Proceed with caution.

    • Im afraid i will eventually lose him.. But i know he likes me what should i do? (Dont want to ask him on a date)

    • If you like him as well then talk/hang out with him more, and see where it goes. If you're not interested in him the same way as he is with you -- and if you don't even want to go down that road (but it sounds like you kind of want to see where things go) -- then let him off the hook, tell him you're not interested, and move on.

      You don't have to ask someone out on a date to get to know them more or spend more time with them.

      On the other hand, if you do nothing then he will eventually move on too.

      I hope this makes sense. Basically, figure out what you want personally from your friendship/relationship with this guy and take action from there.

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  • age from all of my guy friends with the flirting personality that you're talking about that, I know they might favor another girl, but tbh they just want to get laid by any one of the girls.