Friends with Benefits or Something More?

I've known a guy online for 2 years and spoke everyday untill he decided to come and visit me in my country. I was really happy when he arrived and he exceeded my expectations, he stayed here for 2 months.
We have a great chemistry and we had sex several times while he was here, because we were living togheter and always sharing bed.
The problem is once he told me we were getting too close and he fell it was becoming too much ''boyfriend girlfriend thing'' and that made me sad but he kept sleeping with me and being sweet and caring everyday.
He left a few days ago back to his country and i can't stop thinking about him. We made an agreement that i would go see him in a couple of months, and he never said he loved me or anything just that i was really important to him and that he really likes me. I know he talks to other girls on facebook and hangs with them and that makes me jealous even though i dont say anything to him about it
I can tell he's not in a place of his life for a relationship but i can't erase from my head the great moments we shared togheter
I don't want to lose him as one of my best friends but im afraid im crushing bad on him
What should I?
I need some advice here :/


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  • You're in love with him and he's not in love with you. Either one of two things will happen. Either he'll fall in love with you through some miracle or things will be the same. As far as you if it's the former then good for you if it's the ladder then you gotta either accept it or move on with him.


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  • ... We have a great chemistry...
    For now, for you Both have surely come this far Thus far here, dear, keep it light and semi sweet, keep in touch and just Continue to Nurture and Nurse something special that I feel you still have Over the others.
    Try and make further plans to go see him in his own country. LDR, as I can tell you first hand, is One of the Hardest relationships to Have and to Uphold of Any.
    It seems he may have grown cold duck feet while you both stayed under the same roof, and with time, that may be your Best bet right now, along with open lines of communication and Skype, keep this going and flowing and see where it may go.
    He doesn't sound ready just yet to be a Steady Eddy, may just want to take it slow. So for the time being, go slow with Joe's flow.. He may decide after being apart for awhile, that he is Missing your Kissing, and eventually See... That you are the Only one under the fun sun that is his Only One.
    It's hard to wear your heart on your sleeve, fearing he may leave. But it is a Chance with this Romance that is One big gamble and just One of Many... Sample.
    Good luck. xx

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