Guys, Would you use her pet name if you weren't interested?

This guy I've been dating for a few months who I see all the time at the gym where we both go. I was supposed to see him Saturday night but he texted me on Saturday at 3pm

HIM: "Hey Buttercup I'm under the weather so I'm laying low tonight. Have fun with whatever you get into"

ME: "ok thanks, hope you feel better..."

HIM: "just feels like somethings coming on"

Then he texts me a funny video and I laugh

I'll see him on Tuesday when he comes to the gym but I have no idea if he was blowing me off or not. His nickname for me is Buttercup & he ALWAYS calls me that when he's being sweet & cute. I know none of you can tell me if he's lying but can you guys at least tell me if you were blowing a girl off & wasn't interested in her would you address her by the pet name you always call her when you guys are together?


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    having no idea which of these he applies to you, may I guess that this term is affectionate but applied from a superior/heavy weight to an inferior/light weight.

    Calling last minute is also not respectful unless spending a lot of time on telephone making up for it instead of rushing off to a) healing or b) a hotter date. He did send some smilies which muddles the waters, makes one confused. Perhaps he's a pro at this if a long time employee at this meat market?

    He's not that serious about you being exclusive girlfriend right now but this could grow and you laugh at his funnies, always complement, never doubt/critique and turn a blind eye to any perceived flirting that boosts his ego when life gets him down.

  • Probably not

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