What do you think, rebound guy or not?

Started talking to this girl 2 months ago, she just got of a 3 year relationship here's her behavior that I notice:

- 2 weeks into talking she went back to her ex, came back 2 days later

- leaves again after 2 weeks to go back to her ex

- a month later comes back, 3 weeks into it we're bf/gf but:

- she's contantly checking her ex Twitter
- I saw her having a convo (she started) with her ex best friend on Instagram that I thought was weird
- she instantly changed her profile pics to us already
- she always on Twitter bragging how good I am
- but we're kind of already having disagreements and arguing all the time
-but we hang out 24/7 smoke and drink all the good stuff.

do you think I'm a rebound to her? People tell me they feel she is using me to fill that void
What do you think, rebound guy or not?
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