Did he lie about his feelings towards me?

I met this guy summer 2014 and it was obvious we were sexually attracted to eachother right away. After hooking up he started driving out to see me every week to hang out and hook up. I had just ended a fling with a guy and he had just broken up with his girlfriend of 2 years. As we got to know eachother over the months we started learning we had a lot in common and we had a really good thing that was lasting for over a year.

By the turn of the summer I had stopped hearing from him out of the blue. Since I never initiated or texted him first, I never bothered to message him.

In December, he reached out to me again. He started telling me he misses getting together and hanging out. He straight up told me over text me likes me, and wrote me paragraphs about how he wants to give things another shot and that he wants me to be his girl. So I started telling him back I felt for a long time and felt really good to tell him how I felt. So we made a time to get together after being apart for so long.

When he came over everything was going fine at first, but the sex wasn't any different or more special.. We barely cuddled afterwards and said he had to go because he didn't have the day off tomorrow anymore to stay longer. Right before he left I asked him why he didn't bring up our conversation, and how he wanted to make things different but I didn't feel any effort. He didn't do anything about it and just left.

Now it's the new year and I haven't heard him from at all. I feel so crushed after liking him for so long and him sounding completely genuine about his feelings, and having a good thing for a long time. And now he knows how I've felt about him all this time. Do you think lied to me to used me? We frequently go to concerts in the city so I'm pretty sure I'll be seieng him at some point. I'm just frustrated why he wrote long paragraphs about how he felt about me and then came over and treated me like dirt. I can't stop thinking about him for weeks and wondering if he still is.


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  • I would say yes, he wasn't being honest about his feelings towards you.

  • December to now January? It's only been a month. He does sound like a player. I have a feeling he missed fucking you to be honest. I think he probably does feel you two have things in common and that he likes you, but maybe he just doesn't really want a girlfriend.


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