If a girl asks you out then cheats on you three days later, did she really want to date you?

one Tuesday she started to talk to me and said she liked me for a very long time but never told me and she broke up with her boyfriend we got together the next day but then a week later I decided to break up with her "i had my reasons so don't ask " and an hour after I broke up with her her old boyfriend sent me an e-mail saying that the friday after her and I got together that she got back with him and then that Saturday they got engaged. so did she even like me in the first place or was she just messing with me?

i didn't know her well enough to know if she would cheat or not


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  • She may have been cheating and messing around. Do you know her well enough to know that she would or wouldn't do something like this? I know it must feel fustrating but whether she was or not I'd say it was a good thing that you learned about it this way when you were already broken up. If it progressed into something more between you two the situation may have been way worse. But to sum up, yes I'd say she was messing with you. Which nobody deserves at all. Find a girl that appreciates you! :)


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  • You were probably her rebound.

    She probably broke up for her bf, got lonely, started flirting with you and asked you out. Only then, she managed to work things with her boyfriend and went back to him.

    She never cared about you, you were just someone she used to pass the time so she wouldn't be lonely


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