Would you feel depressed after drifting away from an old friend/old crush?

its meant to be and I'm kinda depressed as I'm drifting away from this guy I used to like who lives in another state. It's time to move on. We can't be together ever and he's already moved on too.

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I thought he was the one. He moved on so quickly and I feel kinda lost without him constantly there. I know he isn't now and am moving on but I feel a little sad.


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  • Yes, this is completely natural. Door closes, but any second now another will open.


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  • Yes. Whenever it happens to me, I get really upset and it hurts deeply. To lose a friend is hard. It's a natural reaction, but don't let it get you too down. Other friends and crushes will come along and soon enough he'll only be but a distant memory.

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