Assuming he broke up with you and will eventually come back… which is most likely to be true?


  • if you beg and plead, he's most likely to want you back
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  • if you're there just waiting for him, he's most likely to want you back
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  • If he sees you're gone, he's most likely to want you back.
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  • Other.
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What Guys Said 1

  • I didn't really understand this question. I mean if he breaks up with you then only he might or might nor come back to you, so they are sort of related.

    What did you mean to ask? or something I didn't understand correctly?


What Girls Said 2

  • I am not sure since every guy is different. I would assume he decide to leave for a good reason or no but it wasn't working.

  • First of all, I wait for no bitch. I use the term bitch instead of man if he's the type to play games.

    If he were legit about making me his woman, he wouldn't try to put me on layaway.

    • it's not layaway… it's basically someone breaking up with someone else…

      it happens all the time. It's natural.

      However, if he "WERE" to return, which is not something you know, it's just a possibility… … my question is, is it more likely for someone to want to return to someone if they are waiting, or someone who is apparently already gone from the moment he left…. THAT is my question.

      and of course i wouldn't beg someone, depending on circumstances… and more importantly if i didn't love them… but when you love someone, you kind of hope that something will turn out… :/

    • YES. I love this @PurpleTeardrops

    • Honey, it's best that you move on.

      There's lots of reasons why he could go back to you, however I can't speak for him

      I don't know what his motivations would be.

      But seriously you need to move on and get busy.

      The longer you sit in your feelings, think about the breakup over and over, the more likely you won't move on while he may be with some other girl not giving any thought about you.

      The more you sit in your feelings, the more you'll feel depressed and what's that gonna do for you? It definitely won't get you money.

      The only person I know that gets paid for being sad is Lana Del Ray

      I'm sorry, I know it hurts, but it's over for a reason.

      Get busy, idle hands are the devil's plaything.

      You are too beautiful to be so caught up in this guy. You are a princess and should treat yourself as such.