Guys, Do guys mean it when they joke about having kids?

There is this guy that I'm unofficially dating. We are almost 18. Still in school. So he had earlier been flirting with me all year but I never tool it seriously. Now when he's made it clear he is serious we've been talking about different stuff. Now since the past 2 times we've talked he's joked a lot about having kids and basically I feel like he's going way into the future to make sure he's not wasting time I guess. But it kind of freaks me out when he brings up the whole kids thing. Is he actually thinking that long term? I feel all weird about it because that's something too early to decide. It's not like he brings up marriage it's directly the kids, which is weirder to me.


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  • Most of the time its something we think women want to hear so they'll want to stay with us. Its manipulation

    • All that's doing is scaring me "-.-. Also that's evil.