Girls, do you ever feel guilty about wanting to kiss your boyfriend all the time?

We've been together for several months and are taking things slow. Maybe I'm a bigger prude than I thought, but I feel guilty and almost a bit slutty for wanting to make out with him all the time. Is that normal?


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  • It is normal. It shows you still love him. I too have moments when I want to hug and kiss my boyfriend the whole day.

    • I do miss him a lot, and think about kissing him during the day. It may be that I'm nervous. He's nervous about this too. I'm not sure why, but we're both new at this. I want to kiss him, but I also don't want him thinking that's all I'm interested in.

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    • We've kissed. We've kissed goodnight for months. It's more the making out that's new for us. I do need to get better about initiating things I think. It's not fair to always expect him to do it. Thanks!

    • You're welcome! You have nothing to lose. Go kiss your man!!! ;)

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  • 😂 how could someone feel guilty about this

  • No, you should be eager to want to make out with him and connect physically.

    • i'm sure you're right, and I definitely am. It's sad, but this is all newish for me. I guess I have this fear that he'll think that's all I'm interested in. We've been together long enough though, that's probably not going to be the case.

    • Nah, you already feel the way I said, you just feel bad about it. No need to feel bad about it, if it's reciprocated then it is flattering.

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  • Lol no I would never feel guilty over something like that. I don't suppress my sexuality.

    • Do you ever worry that he'll think that's all you're interested in?

    • No. Because we wouldn't be kissing 24/7.

  • not at all

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