Does it sound like he said he doesn't want a relationship because that is what I said?

I've been speaking to a guy for quite some time and we finally went on our first date the other day. I told him that I am not looking for a relationship and he said he isn't as well but said that he would like a companion and that if a relationship happens, it happens. He kept saying that it was lovely to see me, very flirty, mirroring my body language, compliments, asking about me/my family, spoke of his and showing genuine interest.

He took me out for dinner and then he dropped me home and we relaxed by my pool for quite some time cuddling. Although he began to speak about how he wants to meet my parents, that he has a few weeks of break in the next few months and wants to know if I could join him on a holiday. He told me that he would like to do something for my birthday (which is soon). After he left, he messaged me saying that he really enjoyed himself and thanked me. He constantly invites me out for dinners after his work.


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  • Sounds like he wants a relationship to me


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  • I think he definitely wants to be open to dating you and he just agreed with you (not looking for a relationship) but he wants to hopefully be the one to change your mind. I wouldn't be opposed to it, if you're feeling him too, sometimes when you're not looking for one its the perfect time.


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  • He's not the one sending mixed signals, you are.


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  • It sounds like he Wants More in Store than meets the eye, this guy, and if you are Not into a Real Relationship that I feel he may be trying to strap you in by him moving a bit too fast here, dear, set him straight.
    After he found out what you are looking for, he didn't want to sound like he was Looking for More to Scare you off.
    However, he sounds amazing, a real Keeper, but you won't really know if he ends up a Weeper unless you end up giving him a Chance for Romance... That is, when you are Ready and Raring.
    Good luck. xx

  • If you're not encouraging his romantic overtures, he's likely backing off. If you want to see where it goes, you need to meet him halfway. Says he misses you? Say yes, I have a great time with you! Flirting with you? Be a little flirty back.

    Without encouragement, he will just hold back. I realize you say you don't want anything, but you seem to like him. Give it a chance to progress slowly but steadily.