Emotionally unstable girls?

Its no surprise that some women out there can't make up their mind and run from guy to guy , they will flirt and touch while being taken and evne leave their man for another one, they are simply unfaithful... and here's the shitty thing , they look nice, sweet and innocent and sometimes even smart not the kind of girl you'd ever thing does that, I mean slutty girls are easy to spot you'd be lik " yeah i knew she's a cheater NP buddy " but with innocent looking, normal and smart girl you'd be like "Dafuq? where did that come from " .

I've met someone like that and she messed my life up for quite a while , i did say fuck it eventually and stopped caring much about her and everything was alright , but she did make me cautious around girls and really have a hard time trusting them , she didn't exactly cheat but we were dating and after i got emotionally attached she went to another guy, got him emotionally attached and then went to a third dude and she even flirted with me and gave me massagesand told me how great i am and i make a great boyfriend, while dating her boyfriend , i was like dafuq is going on, is she for reals ?

So i was wondering what do you think? i know these girls exist , so why do they do it and what motivates them? how to minimize the damages... also do you have similiar experiences?


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  • Well, women can be good manipulators. They know that men are weak when a woman is willing to give them sex or sexual stuff. I have a female friend who is like that. It's stupid but she will find a guy, give him sex, blowjob, anal, or whatever he wants but then just use him for financial gain. Once she's managed to get the guy hooked, she'll f*ck up the guy's life and move on to the next guy, or she'll keep messing with the guy's head while playing with the other guys as well. What I don't understand is why the guys will beg for her to come back to them, after all of the psycho mind games.

    • I get you , this girl never gave sex, some touching here and there ( actually i dont know if she sleeped with anyone , according to her , no she didn't but go figure ) , I did want her back at first but then i realized that she is not the type of girl I want nor need and its a huge headache so i simply said fk it and left her alone , the other dudes weren't as lucky and willing to move on as me and they had a hard time fighting their emotions , i dont like girls easily and when i do its easy for me to move on so the only thing that was keeping me around is me , once i decided to forget i just forgot.

      I don't know why some girls do it , why they feel the need to be around guys and have all the guys they can get it , it gets a bit stupid after a while and any decent guy won't approach her.

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  • I had a serially cheating ex.
    Some female friends had serially cheating boyfriends or hubbies.
    It's sometimes an alcohol problem : people losing control after a few beers or wines.

    • yea that does happen , i was meaning the ones who do it sober because they simply can't stay loyal to one person , but alcohol works too i guess , cheating is cheating

    • Alchol , but weed too could trigger it.