Valentine's Day... what do you want from your sweetie? Any plans?

I'm stumped about what to do this year. My husband and I traditionally celebrate late. My girlfriend is working all weekend. It's almost certain I won't be able to see my good friends with benefits. I'm uncertain about how a Valentines Day related expression of affection would go over with my crush - that's somewhat ironic since he's the one I'm most likely to see on the 14th!
Correction: "friend with benefits", singular


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  • depends if I meet a cute girl in my class I'll ask her to hang out with me

    if no cute girl is in my class I'll just work that day


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  • I'd prefer sugar

  • no plans.

  • Wait a minute, you not only have a husband, but, you have a girlfriend, a crush AND a friend with benefits. That is FUCKED UP!

    • Actually, the only fucked up thing is a stranger passing judgment on someone's romantic life without any clue as to the facts or any sense of respect for "diversity"

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    • No, your life is FUCKED UP!

    • Um I have my own growing business, a paid off home in a major city, great healthy and happy family, all my partners have jobs, we are all thriving emotionally, mentally, and physically. What is fucked up about that? Again... all you are doing is repeating a bald assertion without an iota of facts or even commentary.

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