How to date a guy who hasn't ever dated without scaring him away?

I like this guy, but I don't think he has ever really dated, he's a computer technician and has a lot of friends, I know I'm a little intimidating because I'm older, a single mom (I was married for 8 years my kids have the same father), my own home, outgoing, and I do have guy friends that I hang out with not one on one though. Should I just forget it, because I'm sure he's friends play a huge role in his decisions. I know though that he's not into one night stands.


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  • Well, even though my dating experience is rather nonexistent to put it lightly, I'll offer an opinion. :)

    I don't think your history or your current status will be factors that will scare him away. Just going on what you've said I know it wouldn't scare *me* away and I seem to be in the same boat your interest is in.

    However, what might do so is if you become "overwhelming" or controlling. I don't mean to insinuate that you would, it's just you're more experienced than he is socially it sounds like. So, take it easy when going out and try not to rush it or push him too hard. I know I'm speaking in generalities, but I do hope you get what I mean.

    I would also suggest, do NOT try to separate him from his friends. In my experience (from what I've seen of friends), a lot of girls try to do this. They'll try to cut out his friends or make them seem like they're no longer needed. If you do this, you'll cause rifts between him and his friends and most likely the two of you if he values his friends at all. I would suggest, if at all possible, try to get to know his friends and possibly do something together with them and your guy friend.

    Just a few suggestions. Hope that they're helpful.

    • I would think this would be good advice when dealing with any shy or reserved guy. Thanks.

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