Your thoughts and opinions on me not deserving a girlfriend?

I a autistic guy who feels that I could never relate to a girl nore satisfy her needs in a real relationship I just feel she would be miserable and that a normal guy would be so much better I can't even pick up when a girl is interested so that's a huge indicator I would fail at a relationship


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  • Find a girl like you then.

    • It's hard and why not just give up on it

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    • What I think doesn't matter, because I have never been in your shoes. I believe you should try, but if you think giving up is more viable, by all means do that.

    • I have tried but I see relationships and I'm not like a normal guy I can't do and offer everything he does. I really want one bad but I just don't measure up but on the bright side cause there's always a blessing and a curse with something like this. With that being the curse the blessing is my laser focus on my career and letting nothing get in the way

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