Talking for a month and then I don't hear from him?

I met this boy off of Tinder (Before any judgements this boy was really humble and awkward and down to earth) and after a week of talking we spontanously met up and it seemed to go pretty well! Afterwards we kept texting but it seemed that I was the one always initatiting the conversation. I asked him if he wanted to hang out the upcoming Sunday and he said yes. Friday came and I asked him what time he wanted to meet up on Sunday and he responded 5 hours later with just "ugh sorry, I was sick." I said if you're not interested just let me know you won't hurt my feelings but what will is stringing me along. He insisted he wasn't stringing me along, he's all about honesty, and that he wants to get to know me and hang out. He just gets sick and busy sometimes. 2 weeks pass still talking, then he goes on tour with his band. For a week on tour he literally texted me every second of the day, cute, flirty texts, goodnight and goodmorning texts, it was great! He came home from tour I texted him good morning, he responded, I responded back then boom nothing. The next day I asked him if he wanted to hangout this weekend and he said yeah Sunday could work he just has to finish his home work and he'll let me know. Sunday comes, I text him around 3:30, nothing. It literally went from one extreme to the next and I dont know what to do :( I understand that he's busy with work, school, and being in a band but he can't have the decency to text me and let me know he couldnt hang out? Why would he do this? It seemed like he was really into me, should I text him in a couple days to see whats up?
More facts that might contribute: His mom died almost a year ago, he lives an hour away but he has a car and there's public transit.


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  • just let him be if he's inconsistent.


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