Is this suspicious or am I paranoid?

So im was currently seeing my best friends sister. Lately we've been arguing because a friend of my tweeted me and she got all jelouse. So now she does this thing when she randomly ignore me for the past few weeks. It happened a few times to the point I had to stop talking to my friend just for her. The other day my friends were telling me how she had some guy in her room that i might know but they could remember his name (they have no clue i've been see her in the first place they we just talking about him) so I brought it up later that night and she played stupid. Two days later i went to her house with her brother and that same guy was in front of their house waiting for her. We didn't talk for a few days until i went off on her and she claims thats a friend. She even made him her man crush today which pissed me off. And I wrong for assuming stuff or is she most likely cheating?


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  • very suspicious.