So yesterday I asked this question. The guy I was dating told me it was none of my business if he talks to other girls?

o he so called me today to say that he felt I backed him into a corner and I freaked him out. I honestly had no intention of doing that a realtionship wasn't even on mind I just wanted to know where I stood. He told me that at the min, I can't dictate these things to him and that I'm the only one he is dating but he wants to take it day by day. I said its forgotten about but tbh I can't forget about it. I think things have been ruined by the way he spoke to me. And I probably was wrong to text him something like that over the phone but I don't think he should have been so rude with me. I can understand a little that he probably thought I was trying to tie him down and tell him what to do but I honestly wasn't. So I'm confused now if you were me would you move on from it?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe you did freak him out and it was a panicked reaction. Three weeks is very early to be laying down the law. He was out of order the way he spoke to you but both of you could have handled the situation better. If he wants to move on from it he obviously does like you because I'm pretty sure most men would be freaked out by that if I'm honest. Just tell him that he can't speak to you in such a way because it hurt your feelings. This is the problem with texting.


What Girls Said 2

  • You need to tell him flat out that he spoke to you rudely and you do not appreciate it, but also address that you did come on a bit strong. You need to hold your ground though, you are NOT in the wrong. He seems a bit defensive, I would honestly just dump him. I know it isn't always so easy, so that's why I suggest telling him how you feel. If he still gets defensive tell him to choke on your big toe and then you should leave his ass.

  • I know a lot of people will not like this answer but I say give it another go. You did come on a little strong for only 3 weeks. He did reply like a jerk but he said to forget it. Most men wouldn't be so understanding if that was said to them.

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