I'm thinking of asking someone out on valentines day. Tips?

I understand that valentines day is in a month from now, but I think it would be nice to prepare early. Anyways, there is a girl I know that I really like. When I mean like her, I mean I really want to be more than friends. We have already known each other for a few years. I really want to spend my valentines day with her. What do you think would be a good aproach? We don't go to the same school, but since we both go to youth group every Sunday, would that be a good place? Or how about coming to her house and asking her? I have already been on a date with her before (my schools homecoming) and it ended up being fun, but I still don't know if she feels the same way. Anyways, what do you think would be a good place to go to with her? Should I buy her anything? Please let me know.


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  • Yes ask her out, although u do say you're known her for a few years so you might be in her friendzone, but I would say to show up to her front door with roses, chocolates and a big teddy bear and ask her to be your valintine, if a guy did this for me I would blush so hard and give him a big hug and tell him yes! As for where to take here, keep it simple maybe some ice cream and a movie


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  • Her house would be best, but you unfortunately have to think of a way to make it not creepy. Have you visited her house before, and how much?

    • Yes, I have been to her house before. In fact, I think her parents actually like me. Anyways, thank you for the advice!

    • Yeah go there and do what you must.

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