Girls, How does a guy with a "bad" personality make it better?

Almost every girl I talk to says "I prefer personality over looks" and thats reflected I suppose in my dating history. I am a pretty good looking guy, most of my girl friends agree that I am one of the better looking guys around. That being said though I have a stunning lack of girls that are interested in me (I should specify in a relationship, I've had a few girls try to get with me for sex, but I'm not about that). I am 21 and had a whopping 0 girlfriends, I haven't even been on a date with a girl, as I said I dont want sex, I want a relationship, which is pretty hard to come by at least for me. I figure that since I am good looking, fairly intelligent, and pretty well off financially, and still dont have a girlfriend, the culprit must be my personality. Apparently I act a certain way that women dont like, which I can't explain because I like the way I act. I am doing something wrong though because I haven't had a girlfriend. So what can I do to improve my personality?


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  • Looks are more important initially, if there isn't that initial attraction then it isn't gonna go anywhere. But if you think its your personality then its a bit difficult to guess what it might be without knowing u. Do you have any girl friends you could ask to give you an frank and honest opinion?


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