Girls, can you rate my chances of getting a girlfriend?

I'm 29 years old. I'm currently unemployed- I founded my own company and ran it for five years, but it never became profitable, and I had to liquidate it. I don't have any friends any more- the few friendships I've ever managed to make over the course of my life never lasted, with each supposed 'friend' breaking off all contact with me without warning and for no apparent reason other than that they were bored with me. And I've never had a girlfriend; I've never had sex, never had sexual contact, never passionately kissed, and never gone on my first date.

That's largely thanks to the fact that I've been virgin-shamed since I was in my early teens, and it's only got worse and worse as I've got older. But it's also because, while I've always wanted a girlfriend, perhaps more than anything else in the world, I also always wanted to be able to support her, and to be able to take full responsibility for anything which might have resulted from a relationship. I wanted to build a career first, and be capable of supporting a family financially before I set about making one. I wanted to be worthy, aspiring to be that ideal, strong, responsible and successful husband for my ideal wife. But it's too late for that now- the business failed, so that ship has sailed.

I may still be a virgin, for non-religious reasons, and romanticise love and affection in a relationship, but I'm also a closet nymphomaniac. I've always had a libido that was off the charts, and while I've managed to hold myself back for all these years, I've become practically obsessed with sex. I really want to do it, and I know that I have everything that it takes to be great at it. I've been trying to get a girlfriend all this time, through online dating and at singles events, but no-one's ever really wanted to know me, and I've never been able to devote 100% of my time and effort to it. So, how would you rate my chances of getting a girlfriend? And how, if at all, could those chan

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Don't know why it clipped the description- at the end, I asked "how, if at all, could those chances of getting a girlfriend be improved?" Anyone?
Since I only focused on the negatives, would it improve my chances in your eyes if I mentioned that I'm also a semi-professional author and novelist, a MMA expert skilled in 12 different martial arts, a former track and field athlete at junior level who specialized in the javelin and long-jump, a sketch artist, an amateur football (soccer) player, an aspiring inventor and a regular volunteer worker at a local community kitchen?


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  • Well, try finding ANY job and find some interests other than sex. Some lessons on English vocabulary would be great as you do not understand that in order to be nympho, you need to HAVE sex. Other than that, I belive that no ship has sailed, and there were people more miserable than you at your age, and if they made it out of the gutter, SO CAN YOU! The problem I think you are dealing with is your own pessimism. I know its hard to stay positive when your dreams hadn't been fulfilled YET, BUT, you have to understand that life works best when you try your best AND expet the worst. So, just chill, take on a job (one that you could advance in would be great!), find new interests and just TALK about you. Other than the attitude that is a little pessimistic, you really seem like a romantic soul ready to be fed love. So, just never stop trying and try to break out of the shell as much as you can. Failure is what makes us strong! And, honestly, if you would find a creative outlet, I think you would maybe be more happy as to now. I hope I helped a bit, and just a little FYI; you seem really sweet and dedicated and that is really imortan to me, personally in a man so... Maybe that would help you out. Oh, and girls LOVE it when you LISTEN! That is all! Good luck! :3

    • Well, sex is an aspiration rather than an active interest. I have several interests- literature, music, football, martial arts; the list goes on. And yes, I suppose the proper term would be satyromaniac, given that I'm a guy and all, but one can have an abnormally excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire without having had sex. Believe you me, I don't need lessons on English vocabulary- that company which I ran single-handedly for five years, and which garnered critical acclaim from across the world, was a fiction publishing house. I still have a couple of creative outlets- I'm currently taking time to write novels, but I can't count myself as a professional author yet because I haven't published a novel which I'm earning income from yet. Once I've completed and published a few of them, and I'm getting regular income from the royalties, then I will be- but until then, I'm still technically unemployed, and it's merely a pastime rather than a profession. Does that make sense?