This guy told me he had a dream about me?

I've been talking to this guy and I saw him again last night with my friend. I like him. He's really nice and well mannered. but when we was out, it was a lot of dudes trying to talk to me. My friend said he looked like he was getting jealous but playing it off. somce we aren't together. He wasn't with friends he came by himself. So I get a feeling he just came because he knew I was gonna be there. I feel like he likes me but don't wanna say anything. Like he's waiting for me? And the morning after he texted me saying he had a dream about me. He said it was like the video game metal gear. And I was the "girl to save" or "Bond girl" lol I don't know if this give me more reasons that he does like me? Need advice please lol

He said the dream was mostly on the codec screen so I guess we would go back and fourth talking but he also describe it as I was the Bond girl so possibly trying to save me? Or helping me out?


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  • How much detail did he give you about the dream? If I were you I would probe him for details about the dream. Ask him questions like, "what type of room was I in?" and "which area of Metal Gear did it look the most like?" If he is able to go on a detailed tangent about rescuing you in the dream, that is a good sign.

    The reason I say that is because, the more detail he can give you about the dream, the more likely it is he really had the dream. And if he had a dream about you, he probably really does like you a lot.

    Also, yes, it does seem as if he went to that place just to meet you. I hate to go on this tangent, but these episodes have a resemblance to the Edward/Bella relationship from the Twilight movies.


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