What makes a man want a woman?

What makes a man want one female over the other? What makes a man stay with a woman and want to marry her? (Details)


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  • The truth is we don't know why we're attracted to or love the ones we do

    • Natural feeling.. Right? I believe love is something you can't explain. Whatever wonder works feelings does for one and another is hard to put in words. There was this guy who "really likes me" as i heard around and as he keeps mentioning here and there.. We almost kissed but i pulled away and i went on face time with him at night and asked him what did you feel? He kept stuttering and couldn't explain.. But he said that all he knew that the feeling told him that i liked him as much as he liked me lool.

    • It was actually trueeee.
      So the feels work in mysterious ways.

      It has nothing to do with "love" or marriage but just a small comparison.

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  • When she can make me feel tingly inside.
    When her beauty puts me in awe.
    When her personality is so awesome that I be around her for an eternity

  • Nature.

  • Because one has a bigger Roy Orbison collection than the other. Having the bigger Roy Orbison collection is always sexier.


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