Guys, what would you do in this situation?

im a hot/pretty girl, but its really hard to meet a guy. guys are scared or intimidated or no one asks me out but people are always picking on me. Most dates I go on, the men are rude or weird, or if we do click, theyre either psycho or want to control/dominate me b/c im 'pretty' or theyre insecure. In the end, i can't meet a guy- unless i go out of box and ask a guy out or show some lame interest, in which i dont know how to do and im scared of rejection too. Like i go to a gym, alone, and one guy that works there, always smiled at me from the beginning- he's cute but it seems everyone has a girlfriend or boyfriend. im def not going to ask him out and i have no clue how to flirt. My ex always said i was super hot but i didn't know how to 'use it.' Use what? I figured if ur hot some guys gonna want you- its like they all 'want you' but no one will ever say or do anything or they run away.

yes at the gym, most of the men are staring at me, or giving me gestures or looks, most are idiots, but that's about it. as a girl im not going to throw myself out there and seem desperate or who knows. My ex tried to tell me I need to 'dress hot or sexy' and go out and play a game, and flirt. He's right, but again I dont know how to. i dont like to be like that, or play games, or flirt. I just wish I could meet a nice guy who'd treat me well- i can't find anything remotely close. the only guys who've aggressively hit on me are my brother in law, lame, and a cousin, creepy. weird family members have no problem showing this interest in me but every other guy, none. do guys not want to show they want someone? are they scared of vulnerability? what does it take a sexy girl to meet a guy in today's times--the men aren't normal..

my last few dates- one guy i think was a potential killer no joke- and another seemed like a psychopath and did some weird stuff while holding a knife, where he might have been weird in some ways. that's about all i can meet--really crazy weird people. normal guys are scared of me, and sociopaths want to control me


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  • Try changing your surroundings so to speak. Where are you meeting these crazies, at the bar. Going to a coffee shop or have a friend set you up. (Switch it around if a friend sets you up with a crazy).

    Flirting is easier for women than men just smile back when he looks. If you're interested you can talk to him. Only the crazy ones bit lol.

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