We both are dating but we flirt a lot. what should I do?

so guys.. lately. Me and my co-worker has been flirting a lot.. at first we both started talking but as time went by.

at first, she would touch my rear

I took an vacation not too long ago and i haven't been back to work for about 2 weeks.. during those 2 weeks, we would exchange text message and she said she missed me and i did too. Before I took my vacation, she would be spanking my rear or brush against it.

after i got back from my vacation, we broke the physical barrier.. I went to grab coffee and she grabbed mine.. I went to grab it back but instead grabbed her hand, she didn't hold back and actually let me grab her hand.. Then today, we started to play with each other's foot.. my foot would be there and she would either brush it and kick it... on top of that, she and i would bump into each just cause.. we haven't said anything about it but a lot of my co-workers notice how we flirt every day..

There be days where she wears this specific perfume and cologne.. and then she comes closer and asks me to smell it.. it smells really good...

now my question is, what should i do? we both are dating but we both flirt alot?


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  • As long as all parties know that its not monogamous. Then see what works the best. You should also check your work place rules on dating, if any.