Girls, What kind of girl do you think the average guy wants (Stereotypes welcome)?

Based off of your perception of guys, and how you think us guys feel, what would you say the stereotypical Western guy wants in a girl? Please list some features, traits, behaviors, etc. Thanks!


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  • • Someone Confident
    • Lady in the Streets, Freak in the Sheets
    • Someone Independent
    (Got they own money)
    • Someone Beautiful Inside/Out
    • Someone with long hair
    • Someone with pretty eyes
    • Someone who can cook
    • Someone who smiles a lot
    • Someone fit
    • Someone who trusts him
    • Someone who isn't afraid to eat like a man
    • Someone who accepts his flaws
    • Someone slightly outgoing
    • Someone Family oriented
    • Someone who will give him what he wants without him having to beg for it
    • Someone who will be faithful

    Yea I don't know


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