Was it a set up date (I ain't dumb, I really couldn't tell)?

There was this guy (let's call him Bill) I liked in my class last semester and he seemed to like me back too. Somehow, one of his friends made plans to play at Bill's house while Bill stayed silent. It was going to be only the 3 of us. When I arrived there, Bill came to find me (cause I got lost in his building.. duh...) and said that his buddy was about to leave. We arrived at his place, but his friend was still here. They talked a bit and when the buddy left, he winked at Bill. I thought it was very weird at first, but things got chiller. Bill and I hadn't talked a lot before so it was a bit awkward. We started talking about anime and found out that we loved the same ones. That's when the ice broke. After that, it really felt like we had known each other for a long time and there was no awkwardness whatsoever. He wanted to go get food and he'd pay for me (he said it). We spent the whole evening together, talking, watching animes, playing video games, etc. It was obvious that he had as much fun as I did. He hinted that he liked physical contact (it just came up in the conversation). Later, during the movie, he was holding himself very close to him but I never get physical with a guy on the first date (because of past bad experiences), so I didn't dive in. He also showed other obvious-ass signs that he liked me a lot more than I did. At the end, he drove me back home and said "we should definitely hang out again!". After that, we texted a lot and he waited for me after class (we were in the same class), walked me to work, etc. Things didn't quite turn out the way I hoped.. he went back home for this semester and I haven't heard of him since.
What do you guys think? Was it a date? Or not?


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  • In my point of view it looked like they were trying to see how would react there was a another guy in the room, so I would say it half-half and you two have a lot in common so he would probably ask you out again and maybe you will probably be alone the night with him.

    • What do you mean by how I would react if there was another guy in the room?
      The second guy left, then I found myself alone with my crush. Nothing big happened but, as I mentioned, we really connected. We're in the same class so we saw each other all the time. He started waiting for me after class, walk me to work, etc. After that, we made plans, but he was busy almost every time... I kinda gave when, the next month, he waited for me after class and walked me to work again. Then, there was a day that he behaved really weirdly..! The same friend who had left us on that one evening together knew that I liked the other guy, so he "helped" me making other plans with him and it worked. But my crush bailed... That same night, I called him and he said that we could hang out the next day, but he bailed again. Now, he's back home 15 hours away from here... I haven't heard of him and I won't see him before spring. What do you think of the story after knowing that?

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