Should I be bothered by this?

My crush/friend is Muslim, and he CAN'T date. He basically wanted me to come over, and I was more nervous getting into his house because of his religion. I respect his religion and everything. He hugged me, and I felt better. After I got into his house, I was still nervous. I tried calming down. But after we were talking, things got better. We cuddled and everything. He kissed me first, and I was all excited and everything. I had butterflies. My friend is 18 years old, and he can only date if he's out of the house.

After I left his house, I felt better.. so much better.. That sounds terrible to say, but I did not want to get him in trouble. Should I have been bothered by that? I feel stupid that I was.

I've known this friend for a year now. He asked if I got my New Years kiss. I said No. So Boom, he kissed me. I guess I was his too.


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  • It seems like he is taking all the effort here, and plus he is an adult so I suppose he knows what he is doing, let him deal with the consequences, however if you are feeling guilty then you can just ask him to review his actions and just ask him if he is going on the right path, don't tell him what he has to do? just be supportive and then let him take care of the consequences, let him make his decisions.

  • He's an adult. Let him worry about his religion. He's the one pushing to be intimate so you have nothing to feel guilty about.


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