Girls, Why would she tell me she likes me and then tell me she doesn't know what she wants and that she doesn't want a boyfriend right now?

What the heck is that supposed to mean? We both know we like each other. So what would be the reasoning behind this? I feel like I am just some back up option but I have never heard of a girl telling her back up option that she likes him more than a friend..

I am ready to give up soon..


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  • she is probably feeling exactly that: confused.
    Confused about her own feelings. Its when you like a guy and you know you do, but thinking about the future you can't really picture wourself with him which makes you insecure...
    what about trying to show her what it would be like... i am not talking about forcing her to do anything, but just when there is tension (sexually) between the two of you, you could move in and actually ask her for a kiss. In a seductive way that will make her crave for one...

    • So you are saying that she likes me but she can't picture us being married?
      Whats the point of telling me she likes me then if she can't picture us together? she had to have known she can't picture us together long before she told me she liked me.

    • She does like you though... And she wants to be able to picture it (I don't know her. So just guessing)
      I've had those feelings before.. It is really frustrating and you want someone to give you guidance... Like the guy making a move

    • What happened in your situation? Did you get in a relationship with the guy or did you eventually move on?
      My feeling is I will be the loser in all of this. She may like me now but there are better looking, cooler dudes out there that she is dating.

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