I'm going out with my crush I need ideas?

Ok so I'm going out with my crush the whole afternoon what should I do?
its not really a date but you can call it that way.
i want it to be a pleasant memory. Any ideas?


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  • What's her type? If you want to make it memorable, show her your good traits and ALWAYS put her first. First impressions are crucial. I'm not saying that you always have to pay the bill at restaurants... It's more like buying her a little trinket. And try to keep a smile to let her know that you're happy to be around her. Good luck!


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  • 1. Be yourself
    2. Always keep the conversation going
    3. Be Confident
    4. Do Not Try Hard When you talk to her
    5. Smell Good. Dress Good. Brush Your Teeth, All Grooming Stuff
    6. Always Be Honest and dont lie, girls can see if you are lying (somehow)
    7. Flirt with her if you dont want her to put you in the friendzone tell her she looks beautiful today or when she laughs tell her you have a beautiful smile or nice smile
    8. When you can get funny be funny but dont try to hard


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  • Geocaching! https://www.geocaching.com/play

    Escape Room! https://denverescaperoom.com/

    Walking around town

    Eating somewhere interesting

    Going into nature

    Urban exploring (you can even google sites that show some UE places in your area)

    I don't know how adventurous you are but I imagine my crush would like those things (I've already gone geocaching with her and she liked it)

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