Does anyone here have an invisible girlfriend or invisible boyfriend?

I joined this site the other day:

you can create your own girlfriend, her personality, what she looks like (photo) and everything! the only downside is I'm paying $24.99 a month, but its kinda cool because its like having the real thing. I was wondering if anyone else is doing this or if im in the minority here... im also wondering if its even a girl sending me those texts messages XD Here is a pic of my 'invisible' girlfriend:



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  • Naw and like ole boy said "it's cheaper to invest in a sex toy or a hooker" so you may as well go that route or "approach" the girl that no one else would want. Since I'm sure she's tired of sitting at home alone on sat nights.

    • Yeah true, i've never approached a girl before, I don't know how some guys have the courage to do it. I should pay a dating coach, maybe that will help?

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    • and say whatever comes to mind without kissing their ass LOL

    • That's the problem, I'm a nice guy... and I kiss everyone's ass 😥 I'm afraid of hurting a girls feelings so I treat her like a glass vase. How do I break outta this habit

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  • Um buddy, its cheaper to invest in a sex toy, or a hooker. Both options are more real than you girlfriend.