Birthday text to send her?

So basically... Me and this girl have known eachother since 3rd grade. We are now 19. On and off all of our lives being great friends and dating here and there. Nothing to serious. About 6 months ago she wanted to take things farther and I didn't see her like that and didn't know her intentions. And now the roles are flipped and I've fallen for her again. So I'm trying to keep her interest. Eventually get her to like me as much as she did a while ago. My luck right... Just a little backstory but what's something I could text her on her birthday coming up that isn't to flirty. But not like "Hey bud happy birthday sister" I'll probably call her later in the night to talk. I can't see her cause she's down at school. But I just want to text her in the morning first so she knows I remembered:)


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  • Yes, you shouldn't delay, you should just tell her how you feel about her. Be upfront with her, what wrong with that? Don't text her, I would suggest tell her in person.