Is there a chance he could come back to me?

I am a senior in highschool
he is a sophomore. We go to different schools.

2013 This might be a coincidence he commented on my Instagram asking for my number. I didn't give it to him.

August 2014 we met at a school dance. He was my first kiss that night.

August-December 2014 We had a on and off texting relationship. Texts got more and more flirty as time went on. He said we were perfect for each other and we will get married one day. he was also talking to other girls...

December 2014. We hungout for the first time since we met. It went great he really liked me...

he went on a vacation when he got back he ended it with me claiming he wasn't ready for a girlfriend.

January 2015 He got a girlfriend. They are still dating today. We ended on a bad note I got really emotional.

2015 no contact except for my occasional drunk texts

December 2015 I texted him a long message. At the time he was on vacation and he asked me to hangout when he got home.

January 2016 He spent the night. He wouldn't kiss me but we did other things. he kept saying he doesn't want to lose his girlfriend and he can't believe he is doing this! In my bed we bonded. he apologized for everything. I said it's okay. And he said no it's not and stop pretending it is. I started to cry and he wiped my tears!! So then for the following days he texted me first but then he would randomly not text me back. I told him the night we hooked up that a lot of guys hook up with me then drop me. He said he won't do that to me. He hasn't texted me in 5 days.

I am really in love with this guy. I have been struggling on moving on from him for a whole year now. he is the only guy I have ever felt so deeply for.

My questions:
1. Does he really love his girlfriend?
2. Do you think the relationship is solid their one year is Comming up?
3. Why would he make this exception for me?
4. Should I try to stay in contact with him? Or wait in the background and hope he comes back?


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  • Well he could love his girlfriend yes, but also know that you two have a history so sometimes when things are left unsaid it could be really hard, but he's still with her for a reason and not you. I think their relationship is one way solid probably, some people are just really good pretenders and liars, I think he's making the exception because of the history and perhaps feels like he owes something to you and lastly no not really, because it would probably be his dream to have you and his girlfriend- or his girlfriend you accept that-- meanwhile be on the side. I don't think he'll come back at full force.

  • i think you should move on, sounds like he is using you and if he really liked you he would break up with his girlfriend.