Did I ruin this with her?

So I was talking to this beautiful woman. However, it took a bad turn because we were joking around being brother and sister and she said to me "Ok, I guess I don't have a black one 😉 " She then said "Totally kidding, don't take offense please". At first I didn't take offense because she is hot however yesterday I got to think she is rude and kind of a racist. I told her peace and she said "uhhh okay?"

It sounded like she didn't care so I blocked her on all my social media sites but I thought I overreacted and tried to friend her again on Facebook again. Instead of accepting it just said follow on her page. We haven't spoken in two days. I gave up on her for good. Did I ruin this or was I right to cut her off?


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  • I don't really get what she meant by that comment? Explain? However if you got offended and sometimes people aren't so quick to give people second chances, I would say it's neutral and give it time to tell.

    • We were playing around and I told her that I should I be the younger brother she never had. Since I'm blackl and she's white she made the comment I said in the question. Is that a better explanation?

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    • Did I overreact?

    • Wee bit, but everyone is allowed to, I don't get the whole blocking, but then again its 2016 who the hell pays attention to skin colour lol.

  • You blocked her because she mentioned your race? How pathetic are you? How the f*ck is that racist? Lol gtfo..

    • Yeah I did. Some people need to think before they speak.

    • She didn't say sh*t insulting. You're acting like a p*ssy.

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