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So, I met a guy like 5 or 6 months ago over ehm tinder when I was visiting scotland but I'm from other country far far away (so, I've never actually see him, then we added each other on fb) we talked for a bit then stopped talking after 2 weeks (his decision) and he send me a message back in September and it was weird, he apologized for not talking to me etc, we got back to talking normaly (tiny bit better) and we were kind off sharing stuff and he said "I missed talking to you" when I asked him why he said he was just glad we're talking again, (at the time I was dating some man slut) I told him "I thought of you while I was kissing him" he said "I've thought of you too" couple of weeks later he said "I still find you very attractive" and I told him this one time "I like you but I don't know why" he said he wasn't that good though. But lately he's been acting weird, he's been complimenting me so much and he's been open up, telling me things about his parents, his past, future, etc. I'm kinda scared to say "Hey, we should date see how it goes" thoughts? Help? Should I move on?
Ps. Last time I was there he asked if we're gonna meet up (didn't happen)


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  • Uhm, if you wanna meet him or date him then say it, I think it's fairly clear he wants to talk with you and is prepared to open up to you.
    Just meet him, see how it goes and make up your mind from there,,, you're not commited to a relationship by dating or meeting up.


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