Friends with benefits and I spent 30 on the phone just chatting (nothing sexual mentioned) is this becoming more?

At the end he thanked me for talking to him, I said he didn't have to thank me then he said that I'm the distraction he needs and that I make him happy.

Background on our relationship:
weve met the families, his asked if I would over for Christmas (I wasn't (he lives out of home I still live at home))
we go out to the movies, dinner and of course chilled nights at home
Each time we see each other turns into a sleepover with cuddles and incredible sex
seeing each other about a year now

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  • I am Seeing a More Healthier Version of "Friends with benefits" here, Dear.. More like Date Mates that could eventually be More in Store.
    Good luck and Good work, keep up what you are doing. xx

    • Thank you so much, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence, and I am quite Confident that you will carry on and keep this going and flowing. xxoo

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  • You're borderline between friends with benefits and just a bonafide relationship.


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